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Reti-A Micro Week 5



Aaah, I can't believe it's been five weeks already!

The time flew by.

So on the packaging insert it suggests that results probably wont show for at least a month, in which time your skin condition may worsen. My skin definitely needs more time than a month to adjust to this beast.

As a quick recap, from years on benzoyl peroxide and birth control, my acne was mild before beginning my treatment.

Weeks 1&2 I spent adjusting to the retin-A by burning my skin, letting it heal, and then burning it again. Those two weeks sucked, aaand I quickly learned that less IS more, and eventually switched to a healing, all natural, hempseed-oil moisturizer which helped a lot.

I also was trying out cetaphil (ugh...just ugh), complex-15 (not moisturizing enough), sweet almond oil (soooo heavy), and emu oil during this time. The first three are about to be thrown in the garbage, the emu oil however has been great!

In the first couple weeks of using Retin-A I broke out with some deep painful pimples and two nodules which I still have, although they've flattened out. My skin was severely dried out and words don't do the description of 'dry skin' justice. My skin was bright red, tight, and flaking like you wouldn't believe. I couldn't move my face. I couldn't wear makeup, or leave the house.

In weeks 3-4 My skin began to adjust and the redness went away. I started applying cream heavily to the creases in my nose, and alllll around my mouth before applying the Retin-A. I developed hundreds and hundreds of tiny clogged pore lumps aaaaaalll over my forehead and chin, around my nose and down my jawline. It's really odd, because I rarely breakout on my forehead or around my nose. The clogged pores don't really coincide with where I generally breakout. Some of these clogged pores have become small pimples that go away within a day or two. Some of them have become giant pimples that last for a few days.

Week 5 !! - I started using a 2% salicylic acid lotion on my forhead in the mornings. The clogged pores are slowly lessening; My chin has about half the amount it did a couple weeks ago. My forehead still has an impressively overwhelming amount of tiny lumps. I have broken out some, but mostly just clogged pores. My cheeks are smooth and the hyperpigmentation has greatly faded.

I'm very hopeful.


I just want to caution you that adding oil to the face will clog pores and create more pimples. I know, I've been there. Try an oil-free non-comodegenic moisturizer if any. Avoid all oils. Your skin will adjust to the retin-a micro. I have used retin-a for 20 years and my skin is not overly dry. I also use zero moisturizer and I use benzoyl peroxide. If you don't believe me, ask your dermatologist if adding emu oil or any other oil is a good practice for your treatment plan. See what I mean?

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Thanks for your advice ! Did you get dryness in the beginning of your treatment? Lately I've been wondering if this dryness is meant to last for forever, or if it will eventually go away.

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