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6 Months And A Bit



Hey, so as promised here is my monthly update for you all. It has been just about six months or maybe a little bit more since I started using Dianette birth control and differin to help with a really awful breakout and general terrible skin I was suffering from for about six months. I have keep weekly, then monthly blogs to help anyone else who is starting a similar course of treatment. I think I have mentioned in my previous entries that my breakouts stopped about the 2 and a half to 3 months mark and by that I mean painful cysts and since then I have had a few little blocked pores which went away on their own and to be honest I wouldn't have noticed them but I was so focused on my skin I notice everything and the redness and scarring made it look worse. That has been my biggest challenge in the last three months. The redness was still pretty obvious and I was certain I had some shallow scarring. There is good news, the redness is all but gone, I have notice a very big difference in the last month and with the redness a lot of the shallow scarring is going too, to the point where even when I am looking for it I can't really find it. My skin just looks normal again and washing my face and doing my routine is now kinda enjoyable instead of a chore. I hope all this improvement just gets better.

Now I don't know if it was the dianette or the differin that helped the most, I think my skin is overall much less oily which I would say is the dianette, but the tone and texture is getting better everyday and that must be he differin, which I can tolerate really well now and used about a pea size or two small pea size over my face every night with no irritation. I have also started using a serum under my moisturiser during the day with salicylic acid and hylauronic acid..it's lovely and smooth and I think it has contributed to the big difference I have seen this month.

I just want my message from this blog to be give it time. I was impatient but now I am seeing the benefits and glad I didn't give up, I'm not saying it will always be perfect,I know it probably wont but I'm hoping that consistency with my regime will keep me as clear as I can be for as long as I can. Again if anyone has any question I'd be happy to answer, and I'll list my regime and products I'm using below.


Cleanse using Elemis lime blossom cream cleanser (amazing, used it years ago with great success does not break me out and feels great on any dry patches as well as oily areas of skin). I usually massage my face for a couple of minutes then add water or just rinse off, occasionally I used a nice hot face cloth to remove (I would only recommend this now and again and it can be harsh on sensitive skins but great if you have a lot of make up you want to remove)

Wait a couple of minutes and apply a pump of my Vitage perfect and correct serum (with salicylic and hylauronic acid) this drys almost instantly and leaves my skin feelins really smooth

Then apply my Arbonne oil FC5 oil controlling day lotion, it is so moistursing, has an spf and smells amazing.

I have introduced a liquid foundation as powder was too cakey for me. I have been using Borjois Healthy Mix foundation and I love it, it is light coverage but does enough to cover my redness and feels very lightweight on my skin and so far after about a months of using it hasn't broke me out and it gets great reviews online. I also muse the borjois concealor where I need it and then Jean Iredale mineral pressed powder, it's lovely, lightweight kind to my skin and helps cover redness.


Again I cleanse the same as I do in the morning, sometimes I used my Priori Gentle Aha cleanser, it has lactic acid in it but is very gentle and lactic acid is one of the more gentle aha's.

I wait about ten minutes then apply my Differin (I have no irritation now) I apply it on my cheeks and chin as my nose and forehead get a bit red when I used it and I don't really need it there, ocassionally if I have a pimple or blocked pore on my forehead i just spot treat for a couple of days with a tiny bit of BP and it does the trick.

I wait another ten/twenty minutes then moisturise. I don't usually do my whole face at night as a retinol like differin works better without moisturiser but to stop my skin getting too dry I moisturiser my whole face a few times a week at night and in between I only use moisturiser on the areas needed, always on my forehead, next to my nose and under my eyes, the areas where I use the differin I try to leave alone as best I can unless I feel they need a bit of moisture, I use either my day moisturiser listed above or e45 cream, which is also amazing and doesn't break me out.

Any that's about it guys my routine which I have been using and I feel is working so far. Good luck everyone please be patient, I am still no where near the skin I would like to have but these things take time, and it's a hard journey which has broken me more than a few times.

Gill xx


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