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Paula's Choice



On this date: 12/29/2013 My skin condition is currently:

  • Minimally oily - Normal
  • Few pimples on forehead, moderate pimples around nose, chin, lip area
  • Mostly blackheads around nose
  • Skin is still sensitive, besides small papules, there are pea size cysts
  • Skin below forehead is slightly pink

    I used to use a crazy regime with
    • Avene gel cleanser (nice btw but lil pricy 20$)
    • La Roche Effaclar Duo (Seemed to be 70-80% effective, but also a bit drying)
    • Bodyshop Seaweed lotion
    • Skin perfecting lotion spf 15 Clinique



    [*]Effaclar Duo

    [*]Kiehls Midnight Recovery

    Did this for about 3 months, skin definitely had combination problem, but breakouts were minimal

    Wanted to go more basic instead of using so much crap, and tried Dead sea soap which was a terrible mistake. Made my cheeks incredibly rough (or caused massive amt of small pimples) And broke out my nose and chin area. Stopped after a week and switched to another recommended line - Paula's Choice

    Switched to using a basic cleanser Purpose, samples of PC hydralight toner, 2% BHA exfoliant, PC REsist Moisture/SPF

    At night I include PC's benzoyl treatment after exfoliant.

    Improvements are slow but apparent. Don't know if I like the feeling of my skin though, having trouble using right amt of exfoliant without getting skin sticky. Gonna stick with this for about a month and see how it goes. Might switch to Carley's Acne treatment.


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