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I have been on accutane for 3 days now but first I wanted to make an introduction about my acne. here we go!

I am a 17 year old female and have been struggling with face and back acne for 3 years. I have very oily skin.

My acne began when I was 14 years old. It wasn't too unbearable at first. I had a few pimples on my forehead and around my nose. Never anywhere else on my face. But after a couple months my skin grew worse and became very oily. Products from the drugstore were not helping so I began seeing a dermatologist.

Some of the products I have taken (I don't remember all of them, it's been a lot):

- solodyn pill

- minocycline pill (loved)

- bactrim pill

- birth control

- atralin gel

- epiduo

- adapalene gel

- glytone spray

- benzoyl peroxide washes

Many more, I just cannot remember!!

After I started seeing my dermatologist, my skin cleared up SO MUCH. It was almost as if I did not have acne. However, after a couple months of one treatment, my body grew immune and the acne would come back. That is why I have been through many treatments. I then started minocycline and my skin was looking great.

After several months on minocycline I left on a missions trip to the DR in June 2013. I had to take typhoid and malaria pills so I had to stop taking minocyline for 10 days. But after the trip I went back to minocycline.

Almost exactly a month after the missions trip, my forehead broke out in HUGE cysts. I only got forehead acne but this was much much worse and painful. My entire forehead was covered. and only my forehead. It looked so strange.

I then decided to go to my pediatrician. She said that something in the DR must have gotten in contact with my skin to worsen my acne. It takes about 4 weeks for a completely new layer of skin to form and it was about 4 weeks after my trip that I had the huge breakout (so it makes sense). She gave me birth control to help treat it but it ended up worsening my acne. my forehead acne cleared but left MAJOR scars but then the acne spread to my cheeks and chin. I had NEVER gotten acne there so I was panicking. I went back to the derm and he said that the birth control was to blame for the spreading.

So now I am on accutane! finally! i'm not sure how long I will be on it but for now I am taking Absorica 20 mg twice a day.

I'm not sure if anyone will be reading these posts but I would love to answer any questions, reviews, etc. Talk to you soon!


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