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28 Days In



Nearly a month in now, although it feels longer. Still on only 30 mg per day.

Ate exactly what I wanted around Xmas: lots of deserts, wine, beer, dairy, fried foods, all sorts of unhealthy crap..As expected I have had some minor breakouts as a result, but the accutane seems to be warding off the major cysts. I only have a few on the back of my neck and shoulders...

Skin is still less oily but not dry, just about right... Hoping my skin starts to clear soon, because as it is today is no where near acceptable yet, but that must be due to the dosage..not very happy with my derm either, as she said I should stop using topicals because my skin would be sensitive. That's just not true. If I followed her advice I would have had much worse skin and more scarring to deal with


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