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Acne Sufferers Vs. Clear Skin



I've been on break from school, spending more time with family and friends over the Christmas break.

Granted, this is the first Christmas I've spent with Accutane, and it has definitely been something completely different for me.

However, since my acne has gotten a bit worse, I've come to the realization that people have no idea what it means to have acne, especially when they have had clear skin or for the most part, trouble-free skin.

It is really hard for me to sit and listen to all my family members try to help me and give me advice on how to help with my skin. Each person giving their two cents about what they think I'm doing wrong, what I shouldn't be eating, what I should be eating, etc. etc. Some family members also question my reasons for going on Accutane, saying that I took the "easy-way out".

Hearing that, actually makes me laugh because there is nothing easy about being on Accutane. In my situation, I did try everything else before deciding to take Accutane. If anything, it wasn't the easy-way out but what I had left to try. Deciding to take a drug with such harsh side effects and potential risk is not something I consider to be the "easy option".

That is why, I am so so thankful for the community here on acne.org! So supportive, I can really learn a lot from other people's experience and opinion. It is a reminder that I am not this alone and that there are other people going through the same thing I am, even though I may not see it in my daily life.


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