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Gluten? The Grinch That Stole My Clear Skin



I'm starting to see a pattern, when I drink alot of water and avoid gluten as well as excess sugar, excess sodium and dairy my skin is clear, its almost like every elses' skin besides the pigmentation and marks for the last 5 or 6 years of on and off break outs. Yea it sucks to eat good because my options are slim but the outcome is a blessing..then when my skin clears up its like I get this amazing confidence and im high off life, I go out with friends, drink eat smoke and enjoy all kinds of food...few days go by..no new acne..continue to eat whatever I want...notice one or 2 pimples, o boy,...then next day boom, 5 cycts, plus Il get 2 more every day that week as well as hormonal looking acne around the mouth..yea those marks are gna last...then i start eating healthy again...with in 4 weeks im almost clear again..god this is annoying and its a cycle that I feel like I need to stop! Anyone else in the same boat as me?

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Yep! You get too comfortable then you shit yourself, you clean it up and soon get too comfortable again and shit yourself. And on and on it goes... It's a merry go round, to say the least.

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