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Accutane - 3 Months



Hi all. It's been a while since I last updated and I suppose that's because I haven't had anything to come on here and rant about. I'm still getting active acne, but not nearly as bad as I used to before. The derm and my mom both tell me that my skin is improving when they see me. I have been taking pictures every few weeks throughout the course, so it helps to go back and look at them to see how bad it was before. I've finished up 3 months and was getting a little worried since my acne isn't completely cleared up yet. I had read/heard that most people start to see clearing up after month 3. My derm reassured me that it's different for everybody and that most likely Month 4 would be the "clearing up" month for me. (fingers crossed).

Dosage info:

Month 1 - 60mg/day

Month 2 - 80 mg/day

Month 3 - 80mg/day

Month 4 - 80/mg/day

Side Effects:

My hair is dry compared to what I am used to. I notice it's very brittle and I see bits that have broken off falling on the bathroom sink/shower.

Skin is dry (of course). I've found that Cetaphil Mouisturizing Creme for dry skin is a life-saver (along with Aquaphor for the lips).

Those are really my only two side effects that I notice - dry skin and dry hair. They're very much worth dealing with to try to clear up this acne once and for all.

Merry Christmas all!


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