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Bad Break Out On Doxycycline Week 6, That Normal?



I could use some advice from some previous doxy users. I've taken 4 antibiotics previous to doxy, I'm 24/male and have been struggling with cyctic acne since 18 on and off. I hate all the medicine but I have no choice, I eat great to and exercise, no dairy, limited sugar and white bread, lots of water. Accutane is next on the list but Im going on vacation in January to a sunny place so I figured I'd wait until after to start taking it because I cant avoid the sun there. When I first started taking doxy my breakout was bad, first time in about 3 months it was that bad, by week 4 on doxy my face had literally cleared up, only marks and scars from previous breakouts, was amazing. I was feeling very hopeful and happy about doxy and that this would keep clear for a few months until I break out again then start accutane once and for all...Well I noticed a few bumps in week 5, nothing crazy, then out of no where 12 cycts. 6 on my left cheek, 2 on my right cheek, 1 on my chin, 2 on my jaw line, 1 on my forehead plus a few smaller pimples..a few are just huge and painful..the type that look very red and the mark will last a good 6 months even when gone. I'm not stranger to these breakouts, this is probably the 50th time this has happened in 7 years, still get depressed every time because im always hopeful. I was literally clear 2 weeks ago. So this is my question. When I look at doxy reviews most people just talk about how it gradually got better until the pill reached the full effect between 8-12 weeks. Thats what I thought was going to happen to me. Has anyone else broken out bad while this far on doxy and still managed to clear up? Im at 6 weeks and 2 days today. Should I still be hopeful or should I just be prepared for more breakouts..thanks


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Did you miss any days without taking it? That always caused me to break out if I missed one single dosage of Doxy.

And if so, how many dosages did you miss?

By missing even a day gives the bacteria in your skin the opportunity to grow resistant (immune) to the medicine and also forming more resistant bacteria. In result causes acne to come back and/or continue depending where your skin is at.

Doxy is a temporary solution and if I was a dermatologist I would never recommend that stuff because once you (or your skin bacteria if you wanna get technical) get immune to the medicine, which it eventually will, the acne comes back worse than ever.

Your Derm can switch you on different biotics before it gets worse. I'm assuming your Derms intentions are to cycle you through antibiotics (a majority of them do this) since he/she started you on Doxy.

You may be experiencing immunity to the medicine or not. I wouldn't risk it though. I'd see my Derm about it immediately.

G-luck :)

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thanks for responding! but I've never missed a single day on doxy. And I always take it at 5 oclock on an empty stomach and then wait another 2 hours to eat. Ive already taken every antibiotic there is for acne besides doxy lol this is literally the last antibiotic. I would go to the derm but I know her to well, shell put me on accutane the next time i go, she even told me that, and since im going on vacation next month and I need to be out in the sun alot 'i cant start accutane yet, ill be starting accutane late next month if i dont see improvements w doxy but your right...antibiotics are not a cure..not even close..there a quick fix that will last a few months at best but my skin usually doesnt get worse it jst goes back to routine breakouts...usually i go about 2-5 months clear on antibiotics tho..what im hoping is this break out was just a fluke and I will be able to get another month or 2 clear from it at least...i was just wondering if anyone else experienced breakouts this late in the game of doxy, since alota of reviews say it takes 8-12 weeks to actually kick in all the way and im on week 6...basically im looking for hope that doxy still has a chance of working because i want smooth skin for the vacation..idc about pigmentation i just wnt the bumps to smooth out, again thanks for your input! anyone else been on doxy that had break outs around week 6 and still ended up getting clear after?

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