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Intro/day 20



So hi, hello. I'm obliviscere and I recently got placed on a course of 20mg of isotretinoin (under the generic brand of Oratane). I'm around 165cm (like 5'5) and 62kg (on the pudgy side for a girl hey? Haha). I've had pretty persistent acne for about 5-6 ish years, starting when I was a wee 10 year old. Over these past 6 years, life has been dotted with 3 courses of antibiotics (doxycycline twice and minocycline), a few topical creams (differin) and of course, a few tears and tantrums.

After my last course of doxy, my skin was under control, but far from clear. About 3 months later, my face, back and chest completely freaked out and suddenly, I found myself waking up each day to find new waves of whiteheads, nodules and cysts. It was probably the worst breakout of my life (thus far).

So I guess, after all this time, I finally decided it was time to do something serious about it so on I hopped onto the accutane train.

I've missed documenting the last 19 days, but I can sum it up as

Week 1 (Days 1-7): itchy face, dry lips and mouth area

Week 2 (Days 8-14): existing blemishes drying out, lips were like the bloody Sahara desert, eyebrows were flaking.

Days 15-19: Enter the biggest mofo ever- A wild Initial break out appears.

- Few, big, hard nodules on back (shoulder bone), one on back of neck

- Multiple on jawline

- Right side of cheek is attacked with whiteheads down to neck

- Few blemishes on left hand side cheek and neck

- Clusters of whitehead/papules on chest area (my boobies itch goshdangit)

So yeah, its day 20 right now and honestly its a pain to be living with this face. I'll admit, I probably caused it myself because of some stupid decision to pick and scratch at my sores (hence causing the insane amount of whiteheads), but at least I've learnt a tough lesson here - don't bloody touch your face! Better earlier than later I guess haha.

For a while it was going really good, but as of 4 days ago, my face has gone right back to pre-treatment stage. Currently there's a hefty amount of redness, a small dry patch/nodule party on my left cheek, 4 angry whiteheads on my chin and a large under skin nodule (uhg), as well as the odd pimple on both temples and then the massive chunk of red, scabby, whiteheady stuff on my right cheek down to the neck. Its disgusting to look at and i'm a bit peeved with myself because I have to leave for a trip in a few days but yeah, what can ya do. Its dried up about 60-70% of my old blemishes and I'm not getting any usual massive cysts on my back, so for the most part I'm thankful. We'll see how it goes tomorrow


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