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Acne And Being In A Relationship



This is my first time ever writing or creating a blog, but I figured why not because I'm sure all of you who are stuggling with acne can relate and I honestly need some support from people who can compare. Let's start off about when I got acne and what meds I took and where I'm at now. This will all lead down to my relationship and my insecurities about my acne.

When I was 16 I started to get acne and I was put on some kind of medicine from my derm (idk what one), but it didn't seem like it was working so I stopped. From age 16 to about 18 my face was mehhh but not too bad. About 18 almost 19 my face some how cleared up and was looking good. Here is when the worst part comes..... When I was 19 almost 20, my face got BAD. I had developed cystic acne and it is PAINFUL. I went to my derm and I got on Minocycline and a Topical creame. This month would be 8mo. that I have been on it and I did see some improvements but it didn't really help much cuz I started breaking out again while on it. So now I will be starting accutane. I'm really excited about starting accutane but in order to start taking it I need to stop minocycline a week before. NOW, here comes the part about being in a relationship. Of course after the week I stop minocycline is the week my boyfriend comes home for christmas cuz he is in the army. It is now my 6th day off of minocycline and I don't want him to see my skin now. He met me when i was taking minocycline and my acne wasn't too bad especially with make-up on. I'm spending the night at his house and don't want him to see me without make-up. He knows I'm going on accutane and I keep warning him before he comes home that I'm insecure about this.

Anyone have stories and comments that compare? If anyone wants to see how my accutane journey goes I will update everyone on it. I will also happily give my advice and opinion while on accutane and after accutane :)


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