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Help For Cystic Acne : Hormone/trauma Induced



Hormone/Trauma Induced Cysts

First of all, you'll know you have one of these bad boys if you gently press the cyst and feel no pain. No pain = No infection = No puss.

The only way (the best way) to get rid of a fluid-filled cyst is to keep it clean and wait. NO TOUCHEY. AT ALL. And in a week (maybe week and a half depending on the size?) they flatten on their own.

Like I said, they are hormone or trauma-induced, and after getting a million of these during puberty, that's honestly the best remedy I've found.

However, if you're desperate, I've tried a few things that seem to help, but don't expect a miracle, because I'll tell you, the ONLY vanishing act you're gonna find is by getting it sucked out by a dermatologist. So don't freaking mess with it, you'll make it worse.

The goal isn't to bring anything to a head so you can extract puss out (cause it ain't gonna happen, jack), it's to get the lymph (swelling) to go away. So, heres what you can do if you're wanting improvement.

-To prevent this from happening:

-Follow the skin regimen I posted previously

-If you're a girl, get on birth control!

-Don't be too rough when exfoliating.

-Don't pop pimples! Ever!

If the cyst is hormone/trauma induced:

-Use a warm compress:

Get a wash cloth, put some water on the oven, get it hot (obviously not boiling hot or scalding. The trick is to get it hot, but not so hot it burns your skin. You do NOT want any trauma of any kind on the cyst!), ring out the washcloth, and hold it (Gently! Don't push!) to the cyst. When you're rag cools down, repeat the process. The warmth of the compress should help drain the lymph. Keep in mind you're not going to get anything accomplished by being rough with this thing, so be easy.

You can try putting a wet rag in the microwave to warm it, but it gets extremely hot extremely quickly, and cools down just as fast. You'll be running back and forth to the microwave like a madman (or in my case, madwoman) to get it heated up again..If you do it that way, the trick is to not microwave it for long (like 5-10 seconds tops), otherwise your rag will be waaaaay too hot. I like the oven because I can control the temperature.

What NOT to do:

Don't get desperate. I get it. It's frustrating. But there is no easy fix for this. Your body thinks it needs to protect you from infection. That's what lymph is for. So when it shoots to your skin and swells, it's looking for infection or trauma, and it gets stuck there. It WILL go away! So don't mess with it! Pressing, poking, flicking, whatever. And no makeup if you can help it. Just clean and dry.

This seems obvious to me, but "don't mess with it" is kind of a general rule for having a cyst like this (or any cyst, for that matter).

And hey, don't get frustrated when the warm compress isn't magically making it disappear. It won't be gone in a day. Smaller, yes. Gone? No. So don't get loco and run to the medicine cabinet looking for every cream and ointment to put on this thing. You'll just dry your skin out and cause even more problems, and it won't help.

Lastly, for these cysts there is NO point in trying to lance it (poke it with a needle) because there is no puss. There is not and will never be a head on this thing. You're literally stabbing lymph. Lymph that is going to get really pissy and call all it's stupid lymph friends to make it an even bigger party if you even try. Respect the lymph.

In summary, be nice. Kindness will be repaid. If you're nasty, plan to mark out a month on your social calendar.


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