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Say Goodbye To Chapped Lips With These Tips

jazz pollard


It has been true since ever that the most beautiful of creations are the most delicate ones too. Exactly is the case with lips, the facial feature that completes the ardent beauty of the face. Lips are beautiful and at the same time startlingly delicate, and the main problem are that we can't let them away from the constant exposure and damages thereafter. The problem elevates when the weather we are in, is cold and wintery. Freezing winds, air pollution, chilblains from hail blizzards, storms, etc.

Lips are devoid of those sweat and moisture glands that keep the skin hydrated. This is the reason because of which the lips during winters and adverse environmental conditions, start losing moisture and become dehydrated; leading to a worse condition of chapped lips where the upper layer of the lip skin starts flaking away. There is itching, bleeding, tingling, swelling and even pain if the condition worsens.

Winter has already begun and it's time to take extra care of lips since lips are prone to get chapped during this kind of dry weather. Irrespective of whether you live in a continent where winters are snowy or there's just a mild chill in the air, this problem is very prevalent. You might think that some common and favourite lip care brand of yours will do the job to rectify the problem of chapped lips, but it is not so! At the end of the day, all of these cosmetics are artificial and chemical based.


Causes of chapped lips:

  1. Dehydration
  2. Dried weather
  3. Freezing wind
  4. Pollution
  5. Exposure to sun
  6. Too much use of cosmetics
  7. Too much exfoliation
  8. Licking and chewing of lips
  9. Smoking
  10. Alcoholism
  11. Spicy food
  12. Herpes
  13. Allergy

It is these days that we are getting prone to cosmetics and popular lip balms but actually, long before lip balms were created, our ancestors used home remedies to keep their lips smooth and kissable in colder seasons. Here are some of those tips and remedies you could try this winter to overcome chapped lips:

Hydration: Hydration of the body as well as skin is one of the most important factors of the well being. This applies to lips as well. Drinking ample water and avoiding intake of sugary and carbonated beverages will help us to prevent chapping and flaking of lips.

Lip Balm: Using a shielding wax based lip balm on your lips will always act as a protective barrier to help you keep your lips from getting exposed to adverse environmental hazards. If you are likely to get more exposed to the chill or other conditions that act negatively on your skin and lips, regulated and balanced use of lip balms is very important. There are chemical based lip balms but preparing some at home shall even remove the worry of using chemical based cosmetics on your lips. This will keep the lips moist and hydrated too. Honey, strawberries, olive/coconut oil, ghee and milk cream are some ingredients that can help you make a fantastic lip balm at home.

Say no to Menthol: Excuse yourself from products that have additives like menthol, camphor, eucalyptus or cinnamon as these products are strong and scented. Chapping is majorly due to drying out and these will add to the dryness and aggravating tingling, inflammation and pain thereafter.

Avoid Lip licking: it is natural to stick your tongue out and moistening your lips in case of dry weathers resulting in dry lips. But always remember that licking your lips constantly causes your lips to drop moisture. Using a lip balm or moisturizer on your lips will help you suppress the craving to lick them as they won't feel dry.

Use Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera gel helps in healing dry and chapped but this can feel a little uneasy at it is sticky. Using it thus before going to bed is a great option.

Brush your lips: this is a little tricky tip but amazingly effective. While brushing your teeth at night, do not forget to brush your lips lightly. Make sure the bristles are not very hard and harsh on the lip skin. This will make them slightly swollen which is the right time to apply a good moisturizer. This will haste curing of chapped lips.

Don't wear lipsticks for long time: Long wear and matte lipsticks can dry out your lips. Therefore it is always advisable to apply lip balm first and then fill your lips with the lipstick.

Avoid lip exfoliating: Exfoliation leads to drying away and removing excessive oils from the skin. The point is chapped lips are already dried and oil and moist free. So exfoliating products on lips can be harmful for chapped lips, so avoid them on lips!


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