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Month 1 Of Myorisan



Hello! I am a 16 year old female, 160 pounds who just started Myorisan (60 mg a day) through my dermatologist. I have just finished my first month of treatment. Now, before deciding to start, I spend lots of time talking with my doctor, reading reviews online, and mentally preparing myself for the worst! But I don't know what I was so worried about:) before starting, I had severe back, chest, and facial acne, painful under the skin bumps that kept me from having any pressure on my skin like clothes, my bed while I'm sleeping (ended in back problems from trying not to sleep on my back), people touching my skin, applying makeup, you get the idea. I never wore tanktops, lower than up around the neck collars, I quit the swim team and haven't gone swimming silence my acne appeared. It was embarrassing! Reviews I read online were either "this was a miracle!" Or "this reuined my life!" And I was very suspicious. Turns out every single bad review that ended in liver/kidney disease or loss of hair or some traumatic thing was by an individual who decided they didn't need doctors help or permission and bought it offline! Man what did I have to worry about... A month before starting treatment I had to take two pregnancy tests and blood work (THROUGH MY DOCTOR) and was approved to start the medication. At the end of my first month I went back and did the same thing, again approved to do my next month. And guess what, my acne is almost already completely gone! Side effects were mostly my dry lips, throat, and nose (usual symptoms for winter in Alaska anyway) but some carmex, hot tea, and a new Vicks humidifier in my room helped a lot! I'm satisfied with my results so far and regret not starting this earlier, I hope it clears up and goes away for senior prom (I do not own a dress or have worn one since my acne showed up. There's still scars from me stupidly scratching and trying to pop and mess with it so I'm using St. Ives vitamin E lotion. So far so good!


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