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Dealing With Acne



I've decided to just ramble a little bit. I've had acne ever since I was in 7th grade and whatever age that would have been (maybe 12?) Well, I still have it today (I'm 16 now) and it really does change who you are. I used to hate my face all the time (still sometimes do) and I wouldn't want to go anywhere because my face always repulsed me so I figured it did that to everyone else too. I started the regimen last summer and I really do think I have changed. My personality overall changed (I also wanted to make a change so 98% of the reason I changed was because I chose to: which was not appearance related whatsoever). But I will say that I honestly have begun to accept myself more. I wouldn't say that I was depressed for a while, but I was not a very happy person. I pretty much hated everything. Nobody would have wanted to be around me at that time in my life and I really don't blame them. I haven't completely accepted how I look yet since I have been struggling with not comparing myself to others, but I have really made a huge stride towards being completely comfortable with my skin. I hated looking in the mirror and just literally despising what I saw. I try to love myself now exactly how I am because even though I do want clear skin, who says that should be the only thing that is considered beautiful? Why should I think that I will only ever be beautiful if I have clear skin? Why do I think I'm not beautiful now? These questions always pop up in my head constantly. I now know that I want clear skin for myself. I have chosen to go through the process I am now because I am the one who wants clear skin, not because I want others to accept me. If they don't accept you for how you are now, then they're not worth it. Also if you happen to be a female, don't think you have to cake makeup onto your face to look beautiful. I used makeup all the time to try and hide my horrible skin from others but the thing is: I was just putting on a mask. Your face is how it is. You're just covering it up. And why cover up who you are? You're amazing because your imperfections are what make you beautiful.

If you're in the same position I was in a couple years ago, I just want you to know that things will get better over time. Love yourself and others. You're beautiful no matter what and only change for yourself, not anyone else. And NEVER think you're below someone because you suffer from acne. I used to and it's not a fun time. I wish someone would have been there to tell me these things, I might have changed a little faster, but hopefully I help someone out there somehow by my rambling.

Note: sorry if some things don't make a lot of sense or this seems unorganized. I just typed whatever came to my mind. (And I didn't feel like proof-reading so if there's typos, they're staying there. I'm too lazy to care)


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