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Great Acne Wash For Anyone And Various Tips For Ladies

Hi, I am new on here and with posting in general. I figured I'd just share something I tried recently that I don't see has been written about much so I thought to recommend others to consider trying what had recently helped me primarily with cystic acne but also moderate acne from hormone changes due to significant stress and just getting older, Im 33.

My face would just start to itch before a break out and all this acne consistency is new to me (past year) and I am the type to research and try the best product by review or thinking top price would be best but NOT in this case so maybe this product that worked for me might work out for someone who see's this post.

I found this product by chance and after reviewing some Rodan And Fields product and seeing its main ingredient was sulfer the product I found has that and a good percentage of it, I figured there might be something to it and hoped it would work on the embarrassing cystic acne so I wouldn't be hiding it with my hair.

The product that worked fast for me is from GNC, about $6 and it's a bar in a box made by a Company called Grandpa's Thylox and its primary ingredient is Sulfer, it stinks but it worked fast and I could literally peel off away the cystic acne with no huge noticeable scars so I thought Id throw that out there.

Maybe check it out online and call your local GNC and see if they have it in stock. For me it started to work after 24 hrs but could peel away the acne about day 3, I only use it once at night but maybe it will have even more benefit using twice a day however I think it could be a little drying depending on one's skin type. Since the smell is like a geyser I'd start off by using it at night.

Honestly I didn't use much of anything but water before to wash my face in my 20's and I looked much younger then my age by doing things I mention below and have even previously done print work with very minimal makeup. When I had previously used washes, that's when I would break out. I don't use much makeup except Lancome lit from within and I even just sleep in it and use and occasional bronzer. keep all your makeup brushes washed and dried and clean pillow cases and consider the detergent you use and how much as it can be an irritant to your skin.

If your skin is dry from hormones then odds are your hair might be dry and dull as well, I know this to be true for ladies my age and older, Id recommend Redken Extreme in the upside down tube bottle (navy color) its the best at getting rid of straw like hair and helping with dry skin around the hair line, that and a straightener on med heat, your hair might not have the luster of a 25 year old but will look soft and healthier. Redken has a new Diamond oil, its NOT greasy and blends right in, looks nice.

Stay out of the sun and use bronzer, Its about keeping things light and FRAGRANCE FREE if possible. Keep your skin hydrated after showering. I found Cetaphil Cream in the jar to be best for the body or Vanicream, it's similar in quality but absorbs a little more quickly but not as hydrating on my skin. Im considered to have combination/dry skin lately and I found using glycerin which is the main ingredient in Genefique or just use Genefique itself as an option to be good for the face to hydrate under the makeup.... its clean, light and moisturizing.

While you are working on clearing up your acne I know it's tough to find a way to conceal the redness or blemish and dry skin, after I gently use a tweezers to get some of excess skin thats about ready to come off anyways, I found a good foundation that is in powder form but I never seen another product conceal so well, Its from Benefit called Hello Flawless, Ive tried the regular concealer but can say not only is this good for your whole face on days your lightly flared up but has worked great on covering acne scars and smaller pimples,just pat extra on the sponge for more coverage.

If you have lighter medium skin with warm/red undertones Id use the color Honey. All the years trying things, this works the best so far.

There is not much you can do about hormones except drink water, walk and eat right and de-stress as much as you can, all will help things along. The more sedentary you are the less your blood is flowing possibly making your skin dull and clogging up with dead skin cells. I like to use this scrub from Walgreens that is made of plant stem cells twice a week to speed things up as I am not as active do to a medical reason. My dr prescribed Differin but as I recall years ago it lightly bleached my pillow cases, I had better results with keeping active and doing all I mentioned above.

This is prob the second time I ever wrote something like this so excuse any faults, again, I just thought I'd throw some things out there quickly, maybe someone will find within some useful advice. Its just my way and opinion and may not work for everyone but if you tried everything, hey....you never know ; ) Thanks for taking the time to read it.

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good advice...i would add to that regimen a powerful antibiotic--amoxicillin or cephalexin. I had cystic acne and I will again if I stop using these powerful antibiotics.Topical clindamycin gel also moisturizes the dermis while combating evil bacteria. Right now I am zit free. I do get extra dry and scaly skin at times from the benzoyl peroxide products but any time I apply moisturizer I break out in tiny white heads so I stopped moisturizing altogether. I wish I could find a moisturizer that didn't make me break out.

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