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Day 8



I have completed my first week of 80 mg/day of accutane, and I have definitely noticed some changes. The most obvious would be the dryness. My lips have definitely dried out, they aren't yet to the point where they are cracking or even look chapped, but they just feel very dry. I found an awesome product though that I HIGHLY recommend! It's called Waxelene, it's a petroleum jelly alternative that's organic and I'm telling you it makes my lips feel great and it doesn't leave me with that goopey look that Vaseline or Aquaphor gave me.

My face has also dried out significantly, it just feels very tight all the time, especially right after washing it or getting out of the shower. I was using the Cetaphil moisturizer, but I felt it just made my face look kind of greasy/shiney so I have switched to Aveeno Skin Relief Moisture Repair Cream and it seems to do a lot better while still providing the same amount of moisture.

As far as my acne goes I am still getting breakouts but I'm finding them to be slightly different. I get a lot of small white heads/clogged pores around my chin which I never really had before. And the larger ones that I get on my cheeks come to a head much quicker than they used to. I am also getting pimple-like bumps all on my upper arms which is weird because I never really got them before. I would get the occassional 1 or 2, but I currently have about 7 or 8 on my right arm. They are just red, tender bumps that I can't pop.

Not going to post anymore pictures until the end of month 1 since my face hasn't made any noticable improvement. Can't wait for month 1 to be over!!


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