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Acne Is A Disease.



I've always been terrified at the thought of Accutane. I've done extensive research; read countless articles, watched the videos, seen the photos, read the horror stories, read the success stories, interviewed everyone I know who's taken it, read blogs, forums, etc.

I'm a health nut. I like to know exactly what's going into my body. I'm a huge supporter of PETA and insist on knowing exactly where my food came from. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts are my best friend. I drink a green smoothie every single day.

The thought of (even temporarily) toxifying my body and straining my liver with massive amounts of a vitamin terrify me.

I try so hard to be in tune with my body, I would be so stressed knowing I was doing damage to it, probably some of it permanent.

That being said, today I broke down and realised I have to take the chance.

My mom is still breaking out at nearly 50 years old.

I've been relying heavily on birth control for my face and body acne. If I ever want to have children I would have to stop taking birth control. You also can't use topical retinoids during pregnancy because it's unknown if it can effect the fetus, and I wouldn't take the chance. I'd have to rely on benzoyl peroxide which, although it works amazingly, isn't enough for my skin, and I couldn't apply to my body without bleaching everything I come in contact with. Also my doctor told me that they don't recommend anyone to take birth control for more than 8 years for fertility reasons. I want to be able to have children someday.. :(

I don't want to have to chose between clear skin and children. Because clear skin isn't about vanity. It's about the ability to hold my head up in public and meet someone in the eye. It's about beating the depression that comes with the pain and self-contiousness that comes with broken skin. Acne is a disease. And I'm so exhausted from fighting it.

With that, I have decided that I need to give in and go on Accutane and pray that it will work for me.

I need hope.

I need a cure.


I do not want to discourage you but I want through Accutane for 6 months around your age and it is not a cure for everyone. My acne is (I still have acne in my 30's right now but nothing major) mainly hormonal and even if Accutane will suppress it, it may be only temporary. If I had a chance to go back in time, I would not do it again. I have been clear for maybe 6 months after my treatment but my acne comes back in the end.

The only way to control hormonal acne is to control the hormones so birth control pill is the way to go. IMO.. I do not want to take hormones anymore so I choose the BP road to treat breakouts when they happen. Maybe I will be lucky enough to have my hormones adjusted by time or pregnancy one day. The only thing I know is that I will not ever go again through the antibiotics road.

Wish you a lot of luck in your acne journey.


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Your story resonates with everyone. I was a vegan for years and relied only on natural treatments for acne. None of them worked so I just stopped trying. Avoiding antibiotics in fear of throwing my body into imbalance. However, after being on powerful antibiotics for three years, I have finally have smooth skin. I do have some residual scarring that I am hoping will fade with time. The two antibiotics I take are cephalexin and amoxicillin. Both work equally well. I no longer get cysts or pustules. I also use benzaclin aka Acanya...spironolactone may also be an alternative to birth control pills. spironolactone suppresses testosterone which causes an exacerbation in acne. good luck

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Accutane did not work for me, although 3 members of my family have much success with it. I had great results for the last 4 months of the treatment but after I finished it acne returned as before 1 month after. Plus to acne coming back I experienced 6 month of hair loss. It will work for you but it might not be permanent and in my opinion does not worth a try just simply because the side effects can go far and beyond the original problem. I have great skin now but only by using regimen and I know it is not for everyone. Good luck to you!:)

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Accutane is not always a cure some people need to take it more than once. I took it years ago . cleared my face but then it was back to square one with my face. been trying everything to clear it but nothiing has not work yet.

I have thought about going back on it. but to be honest im afraid of how my skin will change. my skin is really sensitive now. before I could put anything on my face now its so sensitive that I must use small amounts.

I bruise more I scar more . my body takes longer to heal . I read that Accutane changes your skin type and I think its true. mine went from normal to sensitive. if ur skin is under control I think you should wait before doing it . my skin is not under control yet but going back on Accutane is not something I want to do .

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