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First of all there is absolutely no way I can keep treating my neck. I have the worst rash ever :(. I am really happy that it is winter right now so that I can wear shirts and sweaters with high neck line or even a scarf. Anyway it itches every single second of the day and it annoys me like hell. Moreover, it is bright red and it feels like sandpaper :( :(

The skin around my eyes is peeling also... Not really peeling; more like flaking even if I never ever applied BP that close to my eyes. Maybe it tends to migrate when I sleep. It is really weird...

The skin of my face is not suffering as much, it gets flaky around my mouth and it stays red all day long between my mouth and my nose. Thank God the redness can be covered with make up but for the flakiness I will have to deal with it no matter what... Please make my skin use to BP asap!

I do not really know what to do with my neck. I just spot treat the 2 pimples I have there with BP and a Q-tip. I just slather moisturizer and jojoba oil when I leave and as soon as I come back from work. I did not increase the BP amount tonight, there is no way my skin can handle anymore right now. I try to moisturize with something heavier like Egyptian Magic, cold cream and rash cream to see if it helps. Will let you know how long the rash last...

See you :) with better news I hope. I eat my words about the healing process of my blemishes. It seems like I only have scarring on my left cheek and two or three actives on my right one. At least some good news :)


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