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Start Week 6. Month 1 Over!



Finished my first month, which was not fun!! Will be taking 40 mg again for the second month. Thankfully that initial breakout has calmed down. Have a lot of post inflammatory marks that will probably take forever to fade. Also still breaking out. Currently have 3 actives and for some reason accutane has to make them bigger, redder and painful. I'm so tired of waking up with new pimples!! My dermatologist said that things really get better between the 2nd and 3rd month. So i'm waiting patiently...

Not sure if I would have done accutane knowing that it would get that bad initially. Apparently it only happens to about 10% of people. Hope I don't regret this in the end.

As for side effects, skin is still flaky but manageable with cetaphil lotion. Obviously lips are shedding like crazy. Carmex is my best friend. Other than that, maybe a little more sore after workouts than normal but no crazy joint pain.

Can anyone recommend a good make up while using accutane (with the flaky skin)? Am going to California with my boyfriend next week and would like to find something to cover up the red marks. Thanks!

Good luck to all on this adventure for clear skin!


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Awwww, I'm sure you won't regret it in the end - seriously everyone's blog I've read who had a really bad IB said it's worth it in the end!! :)

Great question on the makeup - I'm planning on using what I currently use now (Makeup For Ever Mat Velvet +) unless it just ends up making my skin look horrible; if so, I might go to Sephora or something and ask for their recommendations (sucks being a horrible flaky pimply mess and going into a place where everyone's skin looks flawless, but at least I'll be doing something about it I guess)!

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I currently use Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid makeup! It's pretty good for covering up the PIH marks. I've heard that Nars Sheer foundation is good but its a tad pricy I think. Sephora would definitely have some recommendations. I just Neutrogena because its non-comedogenic and fairly cheap!

Another tip -- I use Neutrogena healthy skin powder after my foundation just to make everything look nice and even but if you also take a little tiny brush and dap it on the powder and put it on scars and breakouts, it helps conceal them better. Sometimes the liquid foundation looks too cakey so the powder is nice and light but still conceals everything really well.

Hope that helps! :)

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Thanks youngforever & LoveLouisV for the tips. Tried to get makeup today but unfortunately too dry & flaky. Instead ended up with a serum & new redness reducing moisturizer. Looks like I won't be hiding anything!

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