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Day 1!



I am happy to say that I have completed my first day of my accutane (or Myorisan as my derm prescribed me). She has me starting on 80mg/day, which I believe is typically the highest dosage? I'm not sure though, I may be wrong on that? Since this is my second round of accutane she wanted to put me on the highest dose to reduce the likelihood that I will relapse again. I have to say I am pretty nervous about the side effects being that I'm starting at such a high dose, mainly the dreaded IB. I'm hoping I'm a part of the 70% that don't experience one!!

As far as how I feel, no reported side effects, not that I was expecting any at day one. However, I will say my lips are feeling a little drier. Might be all in my head though, who knows.

I will post pictures tomorrow possibly, just went after a couple pimples so my face looks worse than it actually is at the moment..

Excited and nervous for whats to come in the next month!!

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I've read about people on 120mg but they either had severe face or body acne or combination of both. I'm sort of in the opposite, myfirst course i went up to 70mg/day (by my own doing as my derm didnt think there would be much benefits to side effect s above 60mg) but my current/second course is going to be max 40mg working up from 20mg. It seems like derms here in Australia prefer lower dosages for longer periods compared to higher dosages in other countries. I've read logs of others half my weight taking twice my dosage as reccomended by thier derms.

I didnt have an IB on my first course but I did take Bactrim during the first month or so, this course however I've been breaking out constantly since i started about a month ago.

All the best

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