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Week 11 And 12 On Regimen



Week 11: by the beginning of this week all of my pimples from week 10s breakout have all dried up. Yippy!! I currently only have 1 cystic pimple on my chin and 1 active pimple on my cheek!!! I'm super excited and happy. I can get away with just some bb cream on the days I'm not doing much but have to go out or see people.

Week 12: Yay!!! 3 months officially on the regimen. It's crazy I made it this far and the results have been epic. I did tho have a mini breakout on my chin and cheek but I think it was because I went on vacation for a week for thanksgiving and when you travel it's harder to do the regimen 100% properly. My goal is still to get 100% clear by christmas. I'd say I'm About 75% clear at the moment. Which is a world if difference for me!

First picture is week 7

This is week 12 big improvement! blogentry-355140-0-46858900-1386016396.j


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