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Dealing With Acne



Just over a year ago a close friend of mine went from 1 or 2 hormonal pimples to severe inflamed cystic acne. We all know the emotional toll acne can hold over the person suffering, but what I was surprised about were peoples reactions. CLEARLY she was insecure about it, and CLEARLY no one would WANT to have that on their face. I worked with her at the time and she would get costumers come up to her giving her tips to "wash her face regularly" or to "keep her bed sheets clean". No shit Sherlock, you think someone suffering from acne wouldn't think to wash their face? I remember there was an incident where a man came up to her and insisted she see a dermatologist that his wife had seen and he began consoling her that it would get better. That's not consoling that's rude. That's verifying to her that her acne makes her weaker, and more undesirable than the people who are not suffering. People can be so rude, it is obvious that she is suffering, so why not try NOT to stare and see her for the wonderful person she is on the inside.

Btw just over a week on the regimen and my face is super dry. I haven't gotten any new breakouts, but I feel like the 2 pimples I had when I started the regimen are stagnant. They are not drying up, nor or they coming to a head. Weird right?

Peace and Love

Krishma P


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