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Week 22 Dianette And Differin




So as promised my monthly update. Well since my last entry I've had no new spots, apart from the odd bloked pore, and by that I mean I can only see it by tilting my mirror from all angles since I analyse my skin far too much. I've been keeping up with my routine and introduced a clay mask twice a week, it's starting to get quite drying since winter has started so going to drop back to once a week. My scarring is still bothering me, but the redness has gone down a lot and it's really just texture now and unless I look under really bright light and tilt my head back, you can't even see it, if I'm honest I think I see slight improvement in my indents (have about three), the seem to be evening out alot more, I'm hoping in a year they will be practically un noticable if I keep up my routine. I only use concealor and then some powder, never foundation so I guess that shows how light it is. Not going to lie still have my bad days but in between things are much better, been back out with my friend, getting compliments and enjoying time with my boyfriend and when im not 2cm away from a mirror I actually don't mind me without make up. This next month is about keeping up my routine and being a bit more gentle since it is winter, lots of moisturiser and less clay masks!

I have never put up a before picture, sorry I'm a coward and couldnt even bare to see my face like it was and even now, these pictures are taken with a flash, but I guess it's to show you how I look with make up on when I'm out. That is me on the right in the pictures with the pale skin and long dark hair. Again I have my make up on and the lighting is forgiving but just to give you an idea of where I am at. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask and I hope you are all doing well on your journey, don't give up, sometimes time is the best healer.

Gill xxx


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Thank you, a flash is very forgiving though and even tonight I had another wee cry about my skin..it's never ending sometimes, how are you getting on?x

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I know thats what I try to do and think that hopefully there is improvement to come. I've never been on accutane, I did consider it at times when I felt like my skin wasn't getting any better and I would never rule it out in the future if my skin flared up again. This is the worst breakout ive had, usually I have one or two bad spots or a breakout that lasts a couple of months but this one came from no where. Stick in with the dianette, it took me at least three months to see any major improvement and even in the last month things have improved again so it does take time. Are you using any topicals? I've really found differin has helped, I use it every night and I'm hoping in the long run it will keep helping my skin. Time is our best friend lol x

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It's a gel, it is a form of vitamin a, like retin a, but it is the most mild form of it. I've read some people have had breakout with it, I was fine, nothing more than what I was already getting and by month 2 or 3 even though I was still unhappy with my skin, you could tell it was getting better slowly. I use it every night as prevention and it is meant to help boost collagen, so can be used for anti ageing too, but again I think that is a slow process, but no harm in keeping using it if it is keeping the acne at bay at the same time.

I hope things start to get better by three months, I'm sure they will, I was looking at my skin every day so it was hard to see a difference, I wish now I had taken pictures of my progress, but it was too difficult when my skin was bad x

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Hey no I think she meant take them as normal for the next two months with the 7 day break. The 7 day break shouldn't make a difference as the pill should still be in your system, if you think about it you can still have sex and not get pregnant on your 7 day break so the pill must still be as effective. I also heard dianette is a monophasic pill..i had to google it, but it means it builds up in your system allowing you to take the 7 day break. I would take it, I think if you don't it can mess up your hormones a little bit and you might get break through bleeding and stuff. I know it's hard when your skin is bad...it skipped my first 7 day break but after that just continued as normal and I've not noticed that it got any worse. But if you decide not to take the 7 days don't worry I've read a lot of people do that too....so it's totally up to you :)...im just about to start mine again after the 7 day break. Also after the three months I would ask her for at least another three packets, three months isn't that long to see a bit difference, if you blood pressure is fine and you feel you see improvement then there is no reason you shouldn't stay on it for at least another three to six months until your skin settles down x

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