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10 Month Update: Still Clear And Reduced Scarring



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Hi there!

I must say that I'm pretty pleased since even my last update (2 months ago); I'm trying to keep this blog going for at least a year or more so that we can discover together how well The Regimen worked for me, but also how well I can do to reduce my actual scarring (not the hyperpigmentation...that's fading nicely...)

As you can see in my attached photos here, I'm just doing better and better! As I said in my last post or two, I rarely break out, and if so, only tiny ones that easily go away. I can safely and happily report that following Dan's Regimen religiously has healed my cystic acne. Well, I know it didn't 'heal' it because I still have to use The Regimen, but oh well. Such is life. We can't all have everything. But I'm so grateful that something exists to manage it and also for Dan, what a really great person for designing the system and sharing it so affordably.

My left cheek is still pretty scarred; the hyperpigmentation decrease definitely helps in taking off the "obviousness" factor, but yes, I do have actual pitting and icepick scars. I've been doing some "dermarolling" with a 1.5mm dermaroller---at home---I just did my first time about a month ago and will do it again in a week or so (I'm only going to do it every 6 weeks). I want to say it's helping because my skin just seems to appear a tad bit smoother than before. I'm also using a pure Vitamin C serum on my skin after the dermaroll to increase collagen (supposedly). We'll see. As you can see from my previous post's photos, I *do* think my skin is getting better---but who knows if it's just time or the new addition of the dermarolling and serum...

So there you have it! My latest update! I'm still using DKR religiously (take the time to do it 2x a day---it's worth it, trust me!!) and now have added some dermarolling in to try and reduce my cheek scarring---particularly on my left cheek...Sigh. But I do want to add that using a bit of BB cream foundation (I know that's hard to read for guys, sorry! sad.png) but it's taken the "edge" off the bit of hyperpigmentation I have left that is slowly but surely fading nicely....and also just boosts my confidence a bit in the actual scar department. I'm just pleased as punch to no longer be in pain, feel so embarrassed, and not be worrying about the condition of my skin. I've added in more jojoba oil drops into my lotion at night due to the change to winter weather, but that's about all!

So, my "regimen"on top of Dan's Regimen:

Still using DKR, now I use Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, Oil of Olay Complete Lotion +Jojoba Oil + a couple of drops of Tamanu oil all mixed together, Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub (a gentle exfoliating scrub for every other day, but only once that day in order to not be harsh to my skin), and now the pure Vitamin C serum at night before the BP instead of the ALA lotion from Dan---but I prefer his, as far as "feel" goes. I just want to try this serum to see if it helps my collagen to build a bit (as suggested by the "dermarolling crowd", haha) But I'll just go back to using Dan's ALA lotion after the bottle of serum is gone since I don't think it's going to work "magic" on my face, just maybe help a little...but who knows? I'm so impressed with how things went, I may end up with very, very minimal scarring in the long-run.

I'll keep you posted in the coming months as this is the time when we'll see if I can make some real progress on my scars now that my acne is gone! So far I"m feeling really good about everything.

Good luck, feel free to comment and ask questions; I'm here for you and totally understand!

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Thank you so much for sharing! I can relate to your story. I too am back on BP after taking a break to try natural remedies (big mistake), breaking out worse than ever in my life, into my 3rd month now and showing only minimal improvement. I'm also limited in options because of trying to conceive right now and I also don't wear makeup very often. You looked beautiful without makeup even when you were at week 6 and that helps me have more confidence. It is also of course very encouraging to see you come out so clear after the regimen taking a long time to work! Congrats, and thanks again!

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