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Day 2: Awakening



My skin seems to be taking a turn for the worse. It's hard to look in the mirror because of how monstrous the skin is becoming. I refuse to shave because the caveman regemin calls for nothing to touch the face except for water which seems to be still pushing it. There's simply no way I can't do a light rinse with water everyday, or I wouldn't be able to go in public, the skin is so horrible. I'm starting to get really depressed and my skin is showing it. I know that this is a detox phase and benzoyl peroxide is a drug and as with any drug the body will go through withdraw periods. I must pull through this and with any luck these new pimples that are popping up will come and go quickly. I will not pop them or even touch them, because as we all know this causes damage and worsens acne. I hope to god above that the situation doesn't get worse: tons of closed comedones all over face, thin layer of oil, 5 actual zits. How I was cursed with such bad skin I have no idea, but like I said before I refuse to damage it any further!


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