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Tazorac Experance



Hello! So this is my first blog ever so here it goes...

I believe that know one should go through the physical and mental side effects that acne has on someone. I really hope this helps someone on tazorac! Good Luck!

I am a 20 year old female that has been prescribed 0.1% Tazorac. Like most acne patients we feel that we have tried EVERYTHING. I have tried lots of prescriptions that included many topical and oral prescriptions. Even Birth Control hasn't helped my raging skin. Along with The Murad Treatment and many other drug store treatments. I have been dealing with this persistent disease since I was 13. Now I'm 20... I have had it!!

*Note: I am on Aczone gel 5% as well*

*This is my opinion of my experience on Tazorac, everyone has different skin and if something works for someone it might not work for someone else.

*I have been dealing with acne for 7 years and I have learned a lot about my disease most of my knowledge is from my dermatologist and past experiences

Some things that I have learned what not to do on Tazorac:

1. Don't use harsh acne washes/soap! All its going to do is dry out your skin even more! And dry skin cant heal.

2. Don't use a clarsonic brush! Yes it exfoliates, but using a retin-a it goes down layer by layer of your epidermis purging your skin of acne under many layers. And it makes your skin extremely thin. Even the softest brush can damage and irritate your delicate skin.

3. DO NOT PICK AT YOUR SKIN!! This will cause your thin skin to bleed a lot! Also it will cause scaring! That can be permanent scaring. Trust me my scares from the first weeks when I popped my whiteheads or picked at my dry skin still haven't healed.

4. Don't wash your skin everyday! I know it sounds gross but since tazorac makes your skin extremely dry you need all of your skins natural moisturizing oils that you can get. Coming from someone that had such oily skin (like the BP oil spill on my face) before Tazorac it sounds weird but it really helps to keep moisture on my face. (I only wash at night)

5. Don't use Aquaphor on your face! Yes it is thick and will make your skin less flakey but it WILL clog your pores and will only make your acne worse.

Some things that I have learned to do on Tazorac:

1. Learn to love coconut oil. Its natural and keeps your skin hydrated. You can use it as a mask or as a wash.

2. Use CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser ONLY once a day (I do it at night) to help keep skins moisture

3. Use Neutrogena Deep Moisture day cream. It works better than any other cream and my derm suggested it to me. And it has sunscreen which is very important on Tazorac!

4. Use Aquaphor on your lips! My lips are so dry and this really helps.

My AM Skin Routine:

1. I wash my skin with coconut oil (I wash it off)

2. Pat skin mostly dry and apply Neutrogena Deep Moisture day cream

3. Then Aczone Gel 5% (a pea size all over my face)

4. Then Aquaphor on my lips

My PM Skin Routine:

1. I wash my skin gently with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser with luke warm water

2. Wash my skin with Coconut oil. I use as a mask for a couple hours then wipe off with tissue on the days I don't use Tazorac.

3. I use Tazorac (no more than a pea size) every other day (I called my derm and told her that my skin was getting worse not better so she suggested it)

4. Apply Neutrogena Deep Moisture day cream

5.Then Aquaphor on my lips

My Experience on Tazorac:

Week 1-3: My skin and lips became extremely dry. And my skin became to purge.

Week 3-6: Half way there! My skin is extremely dry and flaky. My skin has never been this bad in my whole entire life! It is red and inflamed, with cysts and white head all over my face mainly in the hallows of my cheeks and my chin and forehead. My skin is not getting any better only worse. And not healing. I have become depressed on the looks of my skin which is something that has never happened to me. Which is effecting my whole life and all my relationships. But I'm keeping my head up and going to try to finish the 12 weeks.

Week 7-9: My skin is slowly getting better. I still have acne in the hallows of my cheeks, forehead, and chin. I have scars in the hallows of my cheeks as well. I'm hoping its going to get better in the next three weeks and I will finally have clear skin.

Week 10-12: FINNALY my skin is 98% better! I still have a few zits that are healing. I mainly have some hyperpigmentation and still some flaky dryness. But I changed my skin care routine a bit and it has helped a lot! I only wash my face with Clinique face wash for dry skin at night. Every other night I use my Clarsonic. After I wash my face I still put coconut oil on it. In the morning I only wash my face with coconut. My moisturizer is Clinique's moisture surge and it keeps my dry flaky skin at bay. I'm going to keep using tazorac and hopefully my skin will get even better.


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