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Day 39



Right now I have one active on my left jawline. It looks really out of place because the rest of my skin looks so clear. My PIH marks are fading into nothing. They are only visible in certain lighting. Anyway, I know that a few months ago I would have rejoiced at only one active, but at this point when I'm so close, I just want it to go away so I finally know what it feels like to have clear skin again. I've been trying to spot treat it but it's only been here for about two days and nothing has worked so far. It's really red and painful and hasn't developed a head. It'll probably be gone in about a week.

Anyway, I've been following my dermatologist's recommendation but found that the dry skin does not go away and I am still flaky when I wear makeup. I thought my skin was supposed to get used to it by now, but it hasn't. After a few hours with makeup on, I look absolutely gross and I have to apply so much chapstick throughout the day. Moisturizing does help but not to the extent it should. Oh well, it's a small price to pay for having nice skin.

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I'm also using CeraVe & Atralin (but I use benzoyl peroxide face wash at night). I can COMPLETELY relate to a bit of peeling and wanting my skin to be 100%, not just 75/80%. I've been on this regimen for only 1 week and my skin is SO much better, but I'm such a perfectionist that since it's still not 100%, i don't want to slap on coverup to go out with people.

I'm hoping the current redness I have will kind of heal by tomorrow and I have plans and will go out with people, but it's a process to get used to for sure.

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