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Day 2



Today was kind of so-so. I planned not to wear make-up as I have nowhere important to go and perform the regimen twice as prescribed.

From what I see now, I could definitely not use a full pump of Cetaphil lotion. I looked like an oil slick all day long however it seems to help with the dryness, itchiness and flakiness so far. Maybe I will have to reach for more of it when I increase the BP amount next week...

One of the spots on my right cheek turned into a papule/small cyst during the day which I find quite annoying because it hurts. However it may mean that the bacteria are trying to reach the surface which sounds good to me.

The cyst on my chin growed a head so I decided to pop it as described on the site. It still very noticeable and as I do not have my AHA yet I just put an extra bit of BP on it to help disinfect. It will not make it go away faster but that my only solution right now.

I have also to say that the Regimen is so time consuming compared to my old routine! I hope I can keep on tracks with it and not drift away... I am pretty sure I will have some hard time with late night or super early morning... Wait and see.

The included picture is here to remind me what my skin looked like a year ago. I want to go back there and

I will do my best to achieve this goal.


See you



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