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Starting The Journey



Oh the arduous road that has led us all here and grouped us into a "community" with a common problem: ACNE. Oh, what a pesky little thing acne is. Clean skin = self esteem at a billion. One pimple = self esteem -10. Acne is quite powerful in it's nature of making us feel inferior to the rest of the world, in that sense I am glad that Acne.org exists, reassuring us that we are not the only ones in this world with this issue.

I started the regimen today, and I'm hopeful! I would say my acne is mild-moderate (at times). I will have periods of flawless skin, followed by skin freak outs. I am starting the regimen in hopes to become completely clear, and stay clear (which I've found to be a challenge). I'm nervous about the skin flaking issue, because make up and skin flakes are the most attractive combination, i'm sure. Then again when I compare what I have to lose with what I will potentially gain, I'll have to suck it up!

For everyone suffering: Hang in there! And remember: when it comes to acne, don't be your worst enemy!

Peace and Love



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