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Plan B: 1 Year & 3 Months



My regime was more or less a big success – my plan was always to have flawless skin for my wedding and I did it. Throughout the past 8 months, I have been having really good compliments with how flawless my skin looked (of course, there are pimples here and there occasionally but that didn’t bother me at all). I wasn’t even wearing any make up for 8 months and people all thought I was wearing make up! I was particularly in heaven.

My regimen:

Morning: BP 5% on the entire face

Night: Neostrata AHA 15% on the entire face

Exercise: hot yoga at least two times a week*


I think this is a myth but I seriously think hot yoga helps with my skin condition. I have been doing hot yoga for a year now and you will definitely see a huge improvement throughout time.

Anyways, so I just wanted to share with all of you my big success with my regimen. Of course, it didn’t occur overnight (sadly it takes time). And no, I did not grow out of acne (because I am breaking out right now). I went on my honeymoon and had a major sunburn on my face. Since AHA and sunburn do not go well together, I decided to drop the AHA at night and rely on minimal BP in the morning. So, guess what, after giving up on AHA for a week, and hot yoga for 3 weeks, I came back to town with an ACNE FACE. I know it’s sad how I am dependent on this regimen for probably the rest of my life but at least it worked! So right now, I am trying to get rid of the break out (primarily having patches of whiteheads all at once at various areas including my upper lip, nose, eye area, and brow areas). My (now) husband said it is probably the “re-occurrence initial break out” (where you started on a particular regimen, stopped for a short while and now starting it again). Hopefully this will go away real quick.

My last thought of the day:

I had what I have always wanted for the last 8 months – flawless skin. I could finally enjoy life, go back to my normal social life, and actually, for once, feel good about myself. Now that I am having this horrible break out, it reminded me of how miserable days were when I had acne. I was sitting in my room last night, crying about my acne, feeling hopeless at the same time because I know this problem won’t cure itself overnight. I could only apply as much acne cream as I could and wish for the best. I know the process is dreadful – there is no improvement overnight.

I know how this feels like, and for all those who are reading this at the same time, feeling as miserable as I am, please don’t give up. I know this is hard but I am trying to remain positive. I know how much we all wanted flawless skin, and it did feel SO GOOD when I had my chance (and thank you God for giving me such a wonderful miracle on my wedding day). But at the same time, we should give our skin some time to adjust and adapt. I know no one will see us differently even with our flaws – we are, in the end, our own worst enemies.


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