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Day 1,5 :)



First full day using the Regimen with my Cetaphil duo :)

I really disliked having to get up earlier this morning to perform the routine in the best conditions but if it is what it costs to have great skin I can bother.

I was scared to discover new breakouts when I woke up but finger crossed it was not the case. I have kind of a small nodule just under my lower lip because I pick up at a whitehead. Like many other acne sufferers I am a picker but I try not to to prevent scarring and hyperpigmentation.

Applying Cetaphil lotion in the morning is not easy, especially a full pump. I know that my skin may get drier but boy I am not used to use that much moisturizer. I have been lucky with my makeup after this lotion, my mineral foundation went on so smoothly and I did not look like a greasy ball during the day. To be honest, not more than any other day with oily skin ^^

I try to remove my full face makeup as soon as I come home from work. I also repeat my light session on all my breaking out areas. My Cetaphil lotion with extra drops of jojoba took for ever to sink in but it ends up being absorbed.

In term of results, nothing new under the sun but after a day it would have been a miracle. A bit of dryness, a little itching but if it stays like that I will be a happy camper.

See you.



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