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Let's Do This...



Ok first of all, I am not a native English speaker so bear with me even if my grammar drives you nuts... Please :)

So my name is Sandra and I turned 30 this year. I have never had perfect skin, some blemishes here and there from time to time. But my skin used to be way better than it is right now. I was lucky enough not to suffer from bad acne in high school and college but (there is always a but) it came later in its glorious form, I name it, hormonal adult acne. For a couple of years, I was able to keep it at bay thanks to the pill but I can't take it anymore thanks to hideous headaches... Yeah lucky me I know, headaches, acne and guess what I wear glasses too! Nice picture hum? Maybe I will upload one one day so you can see by yourself :)

Anyway, I have an other form of oral contraception which can, of course, trigger acne otherwise the challenge won't be hard enough. I will try to go off it next month but for now I have to stick with it.

About my acne? It is not the worst you have ever seen but it annoys me anyway. I will call it mild to moderate. I have many zits on both of my lower cheeks, my jawline and my forehead is all "grainy". My pretty clear areas are surprisingly my chin, my nose (I have sebaceous filaments anyway), the apples of my cheeks, my temples and around my eyes. And guess what? I started The Regimen tonight with what I already own (I ordered the rest from the website last week, I have to wait for it to come to Europe...)

- Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, two full pumps

- The Acne.org treatment, half a pump to start slowly

- Cetaphil moisturizing lotion, one pump. This stuff takes for ever to sink in!!!

I also throw in between cleanser and treatment my light therapy device which combine blue and red lights. I know you are not supposed to add extra steps but it is not really skincare and it does not drag on the skin so it cannot hurt.

I will stick to mineral makeup as much as I can to avoid further irritation. For now on, the only thing I can say is that the treatment did not burn when applied. I used to use BP so maybe it helps a little bit?

That is it for today :) I will try to come back tomorrow to say how it goes. Hope to have some good news and clearer skin let say by Christmas

Leave me comments or just say hi, it is always nice.



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