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Starting Zenatane 40 Mg ( Day 11)



Well, after countless topicals, tretinoin cream, and two rounds of antibiotics I've finally caved and started accutane. I suppose I should introduce myself...I'm 27 years old, female, full time stay at home mom to a beautiful little girl. I've had acne for ten years off and on, sometimes small, sometimes cystic and extremely painful. Always refused to try accutane until about a month ago.

So everything was rather calm up until a few days ago. Then things went downhill. I'm hoping this is just the IB and that it'll soon pass because I currently have quite a few actives on my chin (just below my bottom lip) and cheeks. It hurts to eat, laugh, talk, etc. I know many can relate. I made the mistake of sitting outside on my porch with a friend the other night during a huge storm and my face was pretty badly windburned. I'm already seeing how sensitive my skin is. I'm pretty much sticking to cool water rinses and tons of cerave cream. I despise using lotion and lip balm because they almost always break me out so this is much harder than it sounds. I can't help but wonder if the breakout on my chin is in part caused by all of the carmex and Aquaphor I've been applying. My skin is pretty terrible looking at the moment and it makes me want to hide out at home 24/7. I had to go to the grocery store tonight and I felt as though I was under a giant spotlight the whole time. I will say that the only reason I'm going on this is because I'm at a point where I feel like my low self esteem will not only rub off on my daughter but also possibly cause her to miss out on things because I'm having a hideous day. For example, I can't bring myself to volunteer at her school for holiday parties because little kids ask questions and stare and I just don't want her to ever be embarrassed by me. Sad but true.

Any way, no serious side effects to report yet. I had a few headaches during the first week and occasionally I'll feel a sharp pain in my arm or elsewhere but it goes so quickly. I'm hoping to find a few other people on here to share experience with. It's a long and somewhat lonely journey but the logs on here definitely make me feel more hopeful.


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