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Day One



Hey Everyone,

My name is Mariel yeah its like Ariel but with an M in front anyways,

I suffer from acne scenes I was 12-13 years old I had try everything there is out there, my acne its mostly in my cheeks. Its not that bad but like that could bring my self esteem down to a zero. I hate having acne so bad. Well now im 17 and decide to go to the dermatologist. So I call to make an appointment, and guess what the only open appointment there is its not in till January 23 that really irritated me. So I guess ill wait so my regular doctor prescribe me this gel that it looks like its kind of helping me a little b/c I don't have that much acne as I us too. Its call clindamycin phosphate topical gel. Having acne is the worst thing that could happen to anyone and specially if someone makes a comment about it. That could make you feel worst. What im learning from this experience is that it does not matter what people say yeah you have acne but that comes off you just got to be patient, and you just have to learn to love yourself no matter what happens just think about it there's people in this world with bigger problems then you. Right now im learning to live with my acne yeah I want to take it of but that's what make me different from everyone else. If you reading this and your going thru what im going thru just leave a comment and tell me your Experian's ill probably ill keep on posting a new entry every week in till I get my appointment with the dermatologist. Jut keep in mind that your beautiful just the way you are.

Love Mariel♥


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