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Hello Everyone



hi my name is lis, im 23 years old and i struggle with acne. tonight I just have enough of people saying things about my acne since I work in a fast food restaurant, sometimes I get stupid questions about my acne like "why do you have acne? aren't you supposed to had acne in your teen years? im just sick of it, some people want me to medicate me some creams of their country, I know that some people want to help me but I just feel sad about it. one time I got at work really late and I didnt ate nothing the whole day and I was about to eat a sandwich and a coworker told me "dont eat, why do you eat that, you have pimples." that day I felt horrible, I felt that I was not worth it, i reply to her that i was hungry and that I was aware about my acne sad.png Tonight I just could not take it no more I just cry and my husband saw me and he remind me that im beautiful inside and out, he told me that he loved me the way I am, and that I am not alone that I have him, and told me to be patient and to live happy. I know that acne its the worst but when you feel loved and cared you just feel beautiful smile.png

ps: I just wanted to share something smile.png

if someone its reading this thank you from the bottom of my heart smile.png and sorry about my english opss :-p


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I know how you feel. I work in a restaurant . im a server. yeah it sucks I have wanted to quit so many times. people are so rude. I hate when people comment on my skin like im not doing anything to fix it.

I 2 have gone home and just cry. but then I tell myself I can't quit my job. I have bills to pay. and no matter where I go people are going to comment on it anyways. but yeah working in a restaurant people just think you don't eat healthy . like im just eating pie and hamburgers all day.. sometimes I guess I understand when customers comment on my skin. but why do my co-workers do it .I have been working with some of them for years. its like really have you not had enough .. must you talk about my skin every time .. people are just rude .. they even talk about it when my skin is doing better . well today her skin is better than last week , what the hell!!! is so unfair that this people never break out and just have flawless skin when they are so ugly in the inside ..

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hey I just read the comment and thank you for reading :)

I know exactly how you feel hun I'm struggling with acne too and I've never felt so ugly in my life. But I just keep telling myself it's something that I can treat and it doesn't define who am I. Good luck on your journey and stay strong! Listen to your husband x

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