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Start Of Week #4



Well what I thought was the initial breakout was nothing compared to the actual initial breakout. It started on Day 20 and it's rough!! Everything is large, red, inflamed & painful! My acne is 100x worse than before I started. Of course, I am away at a conference for work. Tough to face my colleagues looking like this. Thankfully, my Derm prescribed a prednisone taper and azithromycin today. Hoping this kicks in quickly. She says that this can happen. I don't quite understand why it happens but I guess it's good that everything is clearing out. Just wish it didn't have to come out inflamed and angry!!

My biggest annoyance has been the fact that people feel the need to comment on my skin. While I was waiting for my prescription at cvs some strange man asked what was wrong with my face & if I was bruised. I turned bright red & told him it's pimples. I should have said it's none of your business. That's the tough thing about acne...I want to go out - face the world not caring but then some idiot makes a comment and I go back into hiding. I have my 1 month appointment next Monday. Really hoping month 2 has better things in store...

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I start it today, actually - EEEEPPP!!!!! I'm kind of nervous but mostly just excited. The long term potential side effects are what scare me the most; that, and the possibility of a bad IB.

The dry lips, dry eyes, and possible joint pain don't worry me too much.

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