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Day 16 (19/11/13)



So it's day 16 on this new regimen that I'm doing for my moderate/severe hormonal acne! For those that are interested the regimen is washing (gently) with lush coal face, applying benzoyl peroxide generously to affected areas and then moisturising with simple anti blemish moisturiser.

So I've been doing this routine for over 2 weeks now and I must admit that I haven't noticed anything drastic in terms of an improvement in my skin. I can however say that my skin is not getting worse despite still getting new breakouts. My breakouts are clearing up quicker I must say and as far as my forehead goes I have no bumps on there, the area is now flat. I am also noticing that my spots are not angry and when they do emerge after a couple days with the benzoyl peroxide they calm down, go flat and eventually disappear.

One thing I have been facing however is some of my spots, after appearing will fill up with pus after a day or two and become a hard clear sac filled with pus and my dilemma when these crop us is whether or not to POP! I have read and read and researched and there's so many mixed views and I have tried to resist but they're so unsightly and I get quite a few of these at any given time so I've opted to popping them in the most gently and sanitary way. I basically use a sterile needle to pierce the top of the spot after cleansing the area and I gently press down on either side to drain out the pus. I do this either with cotton buds or with my clean fingers wrapped in toilet tissue and I stop once I see blood or a clear fluid. I then wash my face and hands again and follow up with my BP and just leave my face alone. If I have to pop I only pop at night because I don't want raised irritated skin on my face if I'm going out. I hope this doesn't keep me in the cycle of spots and doesn't make my skin worse but as I said I think my skin is not getting worse if anything it's improving very very very slowly. Slow progress is better than no progress so I'm sticking to this regimen for a full two months before deciding on whether to keep or bin.

I have experience a lot of drying of skin, especially during the first 7 days but I just kept on top of it with moisturiser and sometimes went over the moisturiser with olive oil for extra moisture. I experienced some flakiness but very very minimal under my chin and on my neck and when this happened I exfoliated with my St. Ives scrub very gently to get rid of the dry flaky skin. I'm still just trying to keep on top of the regimen day and night and above all listen to my skin. Don't touch when sore etc, not to squeeze when boy ready and when I do pop spots to do so gently and in a sanitary way. There's pics from day 14 in my gallery if anyone wants to see the state of my skin now and I'll post more pics on day 28. SO FAR SO GOOD! WISH ME LUCK! Xxx


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