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Day 16

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Day 7:

My skin began to feel extremely dry

Day 9:

Cetaphil moisturizer burns upon application, though I continue to use more as my face is incredibly dry and peeling.

Day 11

While I was on a 9hr international flight, my skin began to itch terribly and after I washed my face what looked like another staph infection (yellowish crust) began to cover my entire jaw/wherever I had broken skin.

Day 12

I return to the doctors, as my face is still itching and covered in puss filled yellow scabs. He takes culture tests and increases my Doxy to 200mg per day.

Day 15

The culture results are in and indeed, I have staph epidermidis. I'm prescribed Bactrim for the next 3 weeks and told to cleanse with Cetaphil.

This really starting to feel like a nightmare. Has anyone else suffered from recurring staph infections? What do you recommend for a moisturizer, as I believe I may be allergic to the Cetaphil brand. Any advice would be incredible.

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