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The Never Ending Battle



I am struggling to remain optimistic about controlling my acne. Since I can remember I've always had some form of acne, but as of two years ago I started getting cystic acne along my cheeks which left me with a considerable amount of scarring (both hyper pigmentation and indentations). For the most part, I was not developing these painful cysts along my cheeks anymore which made me feel hopeful. Fast forward to about a week ago and I have cysts on both cheeks yet again. I try my best to be gentle on that area when washing my face to avoid irritating it more, but it seems just using warm water has caused one of my cysts to pop. I feel inclined to not care sometimes because I just feel like I have all this scarring anyways so what's one more to add to my collection? I really hate how acne seems to dictate my confidence or lack there of. I don't think I am nearly as approachable as I could be if I didn't have this crap on my face. It's frustrating to think I am allowing this to keep me from feeling comfortable around others and that I feel the need to act so insecure because of it. I just started Lo-loestren about 2 weeks ago along with Bactrim and will also be starting Spiro pretty soon. I really hope these breakouts I'm having are just my body getting used to the medication, but it's so incredibly frustrating at my age to be what seems like the only person in a crowd to have this problem.


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