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Helloooo everyonee!

I'm Tasha, a 14 years old with pretty bad skin.

Here's a quick background to my skin:

I started developing pimples around my forehead when i was about 10/11 , these were right by my hairline and went down to about my ears. i used nothing on my skin at this time, except maybe mousturisers - and wore absolutely no makeup.

when i was about 12 (year 7) i continued to break out on my forehead, except i also started to gain lots of blackheads around my nose. i should also mention that during the last 2 years (10-12) i had been a keen club swimmer, swimming up to 4 times a week - leading to my skin being extremely dry. My skin also started becoming slightly more oily, and i started using basic products on my skin (tee-tree based face washes and mousturisers)

last year, when i was in year 8, or aged 13, is when the real problem began. I started getting extremely oily skin, and when I say extremely I mean it! I would tend to apply my makeup at 8 in the morning, and by 9, my face would already be oily, meaning I had to re-apply makeup - leading to increased breakouts. I broke out along my t-zone the most, with breakouts on my jawline happening every PMS. When I was 13 I also started getting rare cystic breakout on my nose , (in the last year I've had three, including one I'm still currently dealing with!)

So far this year, after managing to get my oil problems in control, I'm struggling most with just plain old acne,spots and breakouts. Some of which take a day to heal, others which take months. This blog will be a place for me to tell you all about products that work, and those that don't (I've tried practically everything!!), as well as giving other tips to help prevent and get rid of pimples.

Hope it can be of help!

Tasha xgrinwink.gif