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Update-Just Over Three Months



Hey all...

It has been a WHILE since I last posted.. I have been super stressed with my new job and have had no time at all!!

I have to admit.. I have become a bit lazy with the regimen... most nights I apply the treatment but I forget to moisturiser but I have applied it every morning. I have also skipped it some nights and used a moisturising mask.

I know this is naughty.. but even still my skin has improved a lot! Also.. on the note of adding new things to the regimen.. I had a dermalogica facial done and it was really good.. made my skin super soft and no reaction from it.!!

Anyway back to my skin.. it's been just over three months doing the regimen and my skin has had its ups and downs. About 2 weeks ago I had a horrid break out.. probably due to stress. Since then my skin has improved a lot and is a lot smoother. I have had people comment on how my skin has improved which is nice!

I think it's time I started introducing aha into my regimen to tackle my scars..

Pictures below :)

Thanks for reading x


I have a lot of scarring from my breakout a few weeks back but at the moment my skin is all smooth :)blogentry-215139-0-18356200-1384686933_tblogentry-215139-0-37058200-1384686961_t


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