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I'm Such A Newb >.<



Well my laptop is down, so I'm using my phone and this site isn't very mobile friendly. I haven't wallowed in and around this site much like I said in my first post, but I will continue to post as it makes me feel a little better. So first off, my dang doctor took me off of accutane. I was determined to be unfit for the drug. I had weeks where I would cry everyday and would not be able to stop the tears. Wtf me? Has this happened to anyone else? Anywho now I must be evaluated by a therapist to get back on it. I began to freak out when I heard this (because my appointment isn't until dec 31, doh!) but then I made an amazing discovery. Virgin. Coconut. Oil. Wow I saw improvement over the first couple of hours. My left side is still kind of rough but damn did this stuff help. If it continues to improve i think I'll say to hell with accutane! I've become sort of an amateur derm when it comes to skin routines. Having acne for ten years you defiantly pick up on the dos and the hell nos get that away from skin. For example I do not go near any bonfires, cigarette/weed smoke or candles because they all release pollutants in the air. Never does any hot water touch my face or any fabric that has been washed with detergent other than downys free and gentle. If my skin was anything other than skin, it would be the most temperamental sensitive thing object whatever out there. And as a result of that I'VE become temperamental. Crazy. Irrational. But I'm getting over all of that now by volunteering, doing things I don't usually like, getting back in school ect. It feels good. So to anyone that feels the need to hide their face from the world, and you happen to read this blog huddled in your place of safety, you're not alone. This site is proof of that. So feel free to message me if you're feeling depression start to sink in (or if it's already settled :( ) and we can talk and you and I will hopefully gain some insight and or assurance. Thanks for reading my sort of rant. It's a great day to be alive people :)


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