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1 Month On Accutane!



Hey guys its been a little over a month since i started 40mg and my derm just bumped me up to 80mg

All is going to pretty well, I kinda hope the increase in dosage doesnt make any of my side effects signifantly worse! (fingers crossed)

Heres slight recap of how it went

- Skin was pretty flaky and peeling when id wake up, but now its so much better now

- Skin is gradually getting less dry

- One application of moisturizer in the morning is enought to keep my skin flake free now

- My oily production is basically gone which is saying a lot since i had a pretty oily T-zone

- The amount of blackheads i had had gone down to around 30% of what it was (thank god)

- I barely have to wash my hair since it doens't get oily

- Lips are pretty dry but i use chapstick like that kind everybody has it works better than aquaphor for me idk why lol

- Noticed more joint pain when it rains in my bad ankle and knee (too much basketball)

As for my acne, had a breakout the first week, cleared up the second, broke out again the third but not as bad, but it cleared too and i havent had a pimple in a week which is very encouraging!

For those of you on accutane remember, drink plenty of water (i try and finish a gallon a day), eat healthy, and remember to take your pill with a fatty meal (as if all of you didn't know this stuff already lol)

Let me know it went for those of you who had their dosage bumped up after a month, i would really like to hear how it went!

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Yay no more oil!! Haha I'm still waiting for that to happen for me. It's not nearly as bad as it was before starting but my t-zone and hair are still slightly greasy at the end of the day. Sounds like you're doing good though!! Let me know how the increase in dosage goes. I feel like 40 to 80 is a big jump isn't it? I could be wrong! Good luck :)

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