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Nice Nurses



In case you can't tell, since I've been flooding the Scar Forum with questions, I'm really doing my research on scar treatments and how best to get rid of the damage that acne did to my face. Some people would call my acne scarring mild, but it has severely traumatized me. I'm in the process of getting a job (I might get one this weekend!) so I can start saving up for whatever I'm gonna need.

Today I called plastic surgeon/cosmetic place called the Image Center, located in Huntington Beach, CA. I've seen it before and it always struck me as big and fancy. Their website is well organized and has lots of happy reviews from patients. I called them today to get a quote on fractional resurfacing (or other lasers) and the person who answered was really kind. She apologized for the delay (the medspa nurse was busy) asked my name and number, and later the nurse called back. She asked what area I wanted lasered (my nose) and what kind of scarring I had. I tried to describe it best I could, and she told me that icepicks were really difficult to get rid of. I was surprisingly not discouraged, my problem was mostly boxcars, and I was happy that she was honest and they obviously didn't seem like they just wanted to take people's money. I felt really supported somehow, their staff is so sweet. She even gave me her number and asked me to text her a picture of my scars so she could give me further info. I will later, when there's better lighting in this place.

For now, my main concern is to get the ugly scars off my nose and get the red marks with a laser and rough texture off my face with several microdermabrasions. I'm gonna have to save up diligently but it will be so worth it. I can't wait ti feel pretty again.


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