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Keep Fighting Your Acne!

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Nobody likes acne. It does nothing for you or your skin. It makes you feel down and makes you self conscious. No matter how hard you try, you always end up by waking up to that one pimple, or that big red spot that you can't squeeze or pick because you know it will scar. Until now, I've always thought that I was the only one that suffered from acne. The only one of my age, in my school. All my friends had great skin, but there I was trying to hide mine up. BUT NO MORE. I have found a regime that is working, and although it is early days, I can honestly say I can see improvements! Scars will remain were pimples have been, and purple marks will stand in the way of your flawless skin. These aren't the things you should be looking in the mirror at. The areas of good skin on your face are! Look for the areas of improvement and feel good about yourself! Being a teenager with acne is so hard. I understand because I am a teenager with acne. My hormones are up and down all the time. I come home from school some days feeling great and other days not so great. I look in the mirror when I walk in the door and think, 'wow my skin looks good' and other days i just feel as if nothing is working, but now i realise that the more stressed I get the more acne will come, the more I touch my face, the more acne will come. So entertain yourself by looking on here in your spare time instead of picking at your face and scrubbing it so hard it turns bright red. That does no good! Be gentle with your skin, and it will reward you. Patience is the key with acne, you aren't going to follow a regime for one day and wake up the next with flawless skin. It takes weeks, months, years for some people. But everyday you do your regime, or your wash, be gentle. Your skin is working hard to use the products and to fix the skin. So don't depress yourself about the present. Be happy for what lies ahead!

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