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Day 28



I actually left the house without any makeup on earlier today. I was really proud of myself and relatively happy about my skin. My good mood went down the tube when I got back to school and looked in the mirror with horrible lighting. I have lots of whiteheads underneath the skin on my chin. Usually I'd take a Q-tip and get all the gunk out and that solves the problem, but I ran out. Next, I discovered a red mark on my right temple. It isn't raised at all, just a red mark, but I know it will turn into something. I still have a lot of discoloration issues and I also think I'm getting a big one on my right cheek :(

Also, I never though I had any scars, but upon closer inspection, it seems I would have a few ice pick scars. I know those are practically untreatable so I guess I will just have to deal with them.