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Oy. Glad I'm Not Alone.



Hello Internet, my name is Megan. I'm 20 years old and have had acne (mild to severe) for ten years. Upon discovering this site, I felt a little relief reading other people's struggles with this horrible stuff. Everything that I can remember has been centered around my shame and embarrassment at my horrible ugly skin. I would be damn right cute as hell without all of these volcanoes on my face. It has destroyed my self confidence, and has even led me down a path to drug abuse. I have an absolutely gorgeous boyfriend (apparently my sense of humor won him over.ha) who says to me that I'm beautiful. Unfortunately I feel I'm pushing him away because I think to myself " he could have some gorgeous girl, and he's stuck looking at this awful mess." This right now is my greatest strife. Before it was cheerleading (which I quit because of acne), and before that it was theatre ( which I also quit because I just couldn't bear to have my acne on stage and lit up). But fuck that. I'm done. I've decided right now that this is not how I want to view myself. Many people love me and know the struggle I'm going through. Even though they may be thinking of the dots on the side of my face I won't be. There are so many other things to be pondering other than what's on my chin. I've stopped contacting friends whom I've known since childhood because I figured I didn't want to be known as the ugly girl of the group. But I realized I totally made this up in my head. Basically what I'm getting at here is that I'm reaching out to this community of like minded people. I don't know who will take the time to read this, but I'll take the time to read others because a lot of us here need support. Also, I've begun taking accutane ( or however you spell it, it's not what it's called of the package) and look forward to clear skin. But for now, I hope to help someone here, and maybe have them talk me through this hormonal mess as well. Thanks for reading :)

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I can totally relate to you in so many way, with the friends, quiting things I onced liked. It was so hard for me when i started to get bad acne i had so many friends they were all pissed as hell at me that i wasn't talking to them like "dude do you hate me?" and stuff i felt horrible. I started accutane about a month ago and it is definitley working. Its always nice to read people on here with such high spirits because I know at one point i was like F this im just going to live my life and I just became a much more happy person. I look forward to reading more of your blogs!

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