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Back To Benzoyl



So ive been using tto .. and its really good but expensive. So for a while now I was thinking of going back to bp . But initially wen had a lot of bumps (now i have inly scars .im using bp as a prevention )and I used bp it was really bad ... I had burning and itching and redness and dryness .. and it made my pimples real dry n hard and ugly looking .. worst two weeks of my life ... ppl actually thought I had a serious skin condition... like potentially life threatening ... it looked that bad ... so ever since then I have been apprehensive about using bp.. but I had to since the tto was a lot of money .

So I switched slowly .. like initially only in the mornings and tto at night ... but now ive started using it a lot ... its not caused anything as yet ... been two weeks . No redness and a little drying but nothing I cant deal with :)

So im back to bp


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