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Should Be Sleeping (Dans Bp Ud & Jo)



Aside from watching Youtube vids since I came out of work, I decided to also procrastinate sleep by writing a blog. Pf.

So UD means update and JO <Jojoba oil. Lovely we cleared that.

I should be sleeping because idk the last week or the week before that I was getting amazing sleep and my skin was looking amazing but those are very rare points in my life. I hardly if ever have a good sleep schedule and it without a doubt messes up my skin.

I lay in bed, try to sleep but start thinking about all my life problems and then that pisses me off and I resort to going on my computer to occupy me from thinking about everything that's bothering me. So staying up late, happens.

I been drinking a lot of water and taking 50 mg a night of Zinc since I seen good ratings on the review board about it.

Dans BP is AMAZING. Seriously NG Bp is crud compared to this stuff! I am now a loyal buyer of Dans BP. It doesn't burn my skin, it doesn't dry out my skin nowhere near as much as NG and it doesn't leave a white film! TYBABYJESUS! Or I mean Dan, Lol. Thank you Dan.

I'm still suffering dry patchy skin tho and it's obvious when I apply my makeup. I been using a BB cream under my foundation that goes on top of my moisturizer a long with a good amount of that Jojoba Oil. Which BTW smells like poo! Really, that jojoba oil has a- almost awkward weird smell, like dirtyish? It doesn't smell right... Nasty body odor or something, it smells like it came from a human outlet, if that makes any sense. The BB cream under my foundation REALLY helps keep my dry skin at bay when I'm working. I worry though, it worries me that the BB cream might not be good for my skin. It's so heavy scented but when I looked up the reviews on a trusted website of mine, for the majority of acne prone skin people they reported no visual increase in their breakouts. The way it smells though... It smells like trouble.

That makes me want to do a remix on a song, but I won't.

My left side of my face is pretty clear but my right side has like 4 to 5 active pimples right now.

I am going through a somewhat hard time in my life- so it could be the stress.

That's all for my update blog.

In Dans BP we trust.



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